Lifetime - Tyga


Quotable Lyrics:
Uh, thinking ’bout times, huggin’ and f**kin’ you
When I’m laid up alone and it’s nothin’ to do
Got a lot on my mind, got a lot to prove
Tryna balance, keep you a priority too
But every day I’m wakin’ up, and it’s bad news
When you in love, gotta be thinkin’ for two
I know I’m selfish at times but I be needin’ to

Be what I wanna be, I want everything
And you just what I need, and it’s medicine
But I need to f**k up to get better again
Fast life, might crash, how I’m pedallin’
Tryna retrace steps, can’t go back again
Another tattoo of you covered on my skin
In relationships, man, I’m like on ten
But I feel like my next one a big win