Letter To Myself - Morray

Letter To MyselfMorray

Quotable Lyrics:
I used the want the racks by the duffle and the cheques by the millions
Wanted to protect my investment, invest in my children
Now the hero finally got the cape then he turned into the villain
Now my check is reality, I’m finally startin’ to feel it

Wasn’t cool enough, broke fan, all I had to feel the breeze
Night sweats, get these covers off of me
Hella dark, I couldn’t see
Lights off, no electricity
Food spoiled, don’t got no more EBT

What the f**k am I to eat?
Eat last, raisin’ babiеs ain’t cheap
They clothes fly ‘causе my clothes stayed cheap
An eighth last a whole week
Pockets low, it’s on froze, how they freeze

As a man, I didn’t feel real manly
Always with the rent late, tryna figure out how to get paid
Worked all damn night, for that minimum wage
Prayin’ to myself, askin’ God, “Where the better days?”
Must’ve caught the damn machine ’cause He wasn’t answerin’

What kind of son am I really to lack the faith like that?
So full of love, how the f**k am I feelin’ hate like that?
Givin’ out hate, just know you gon’ get that hate right back
I went off script, of course, I wasn’t raised like that