Letter To EzrahToosii

Quotable Lyrics:
Oh, how I love ya
No, I never put no one above ya (Ayo, Harry, run that sh*t back)
No, I never let nobody touch ya (Bossman, you went crazy on this one)
And I love your mama even though that she got selfish ways

Named you Ezrah ’cause you always helpin’ angels
Jumped off the deep and get deeper (Uh)
Daddy been gone for the weekend (Uh)
It seem like everytime I hold you, I get weaker and weaker

I be chasin’ money while your mama think I’m creepin’, I ain’t creepin’ (Yeah)
Know it’s things that you don’t understand
And it really ain’t fair, I know
Only reason you don’t understand, you ain’t a man right now (Ain’t a man right now)

And you can have the world ’cause the world is in your hands right now
You ain’t even old enough to stand right now

Blank for ya, ain’t at war, but, I’ll shoot a tank for ya
Probably lose my mind, they cross the line, won’t even think for ya
Daddy did some dirt, but I’ll f**k around and let it sing for ya
Spin the block, and let off shots, make it rain for ya (Yeah)

Pain never last long, pain come and go
I done already spent a lot of time with ya, but I gotta spend more
So I promise you I won’t ever miss a game
I’ll be front row with my jug that’s full of change

I won’t ever change on you
Love you more than my life
And if you ask, I won’t think twice
You my first born, so, they right, I’m overly nice

Ain’t nothin’ in the world that you can’t have
And it’s never too high of a price
I was frozen ‘fore I met ya, feel like my heart on ice (Yeah)