Letter To Big Dump - NBA YoungBoy

Letter To Big DumpNBA YoungBoy

Quotable Lyrics:
Lil’ sister left me and I ain’t been the same
I still see my daddy hidin’ somethin’ from me, and I think it’s pain
I thought this money would change everything, and it did
I don’t know who I’m is, I don’t see my kids
I lost my friends, I need you now

I, I’ma tell you now that I got my back against the wall
But I’m not f**ked up, I just need to watch ’em all
I clench my fist, I know they see my flaws
Oh, each of them, I love all

But they not real, they not here for me, my ni**a, huh
I put my gun down, I cry every night for the ones laid down
I sit and I viеw, lookin’ down in my town
How the f**k he gon’ treat mе like I ain’t his son neither?
Why the f**k she gon’ treat me this way behind a b*tch and
I showed from the start I’d never leave her?

Look inside my eyes, I know they seen evil
But I been this way since I was a child and
I feel I’m the one who deserve to leave here
I had a conversation with the man who contracted your life to be gone

I hope you see my progress and glad I’m movin’ on, I’m grown
I got a beautiful family up inside my home
I see the whole city bashin’ me
But, when they had the chance to play with me
Ain’t neither one of ’em, drop they nuts to see that I’m gon’ make ’em bleed
I bleed, big Bs

NBA YoungBoy

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