Lamar - Lil Wayne 

Lamar – Lil Wayne (No Ceilings 3)

Quotable Lyrics: Lamar – Lil Wayne

Uh, I spit that R.O.C., nothing but crack, b*tch
Get my cleats ’cause I’m running this rap sh*t
Y’all know me, this ain’t nothing but practice
I’m running the streets and I’m running this rap sh*t
I got bars, OD, I been running this rap sh*t
I run this b*tch like I’m Lamar Jackson, uh

Takeover, the breaks over
Hit yo’ breaks ’cause the race over, I’m the case closer
Bust yo’ whole f*cking face open, that’s a makeover
Lean make every soda grape soda, purple taste golden
Make me have my skaters skate over to your place soldier
You a play soldier, you a snakе, you a fake cobra
You ain’t safe, have thе safe open, I need payola
On yo’ knees, ni**a where the keys? I’m like Beethoven…