L.A. Leakers Freestyle #157 - Mickey Factz on Jay-Z's

Quotable Lyrics:
Before I sauté and parlay words
Gotta make sure I drink from the Heart-Shaped Herb
When M see you, gloves is on, f**king awesome
If you mumble, snap of the finger, I’m dusting off men
Call me Rain Man, I’m Sean Kemp in the lane fam
Remember that glove I had on? It’s in the same hand

Gary Payton, I’m in the alley with spray cans
I could snipe but I’m good with the knife; that’s a Blade fan
You straight bland, ask my bro Kendrick he’ll say ‘damn’
Ask Caitlyn Jenner she’ll say ‘man’

Raw with the rap moves
Steady going off with the bars, no pause,

I wouldn’t stall in a bathroom
Your broad in a chatroom
Got her in my ride she my car pet,

and she treat my balls like a vacuum
Suck-ups, with a lot of guilt, I got a MILF
Who head just incredible, so her face got sour milk

T’Challa built, vibranium my cranium
Inspired, admired by aliens I’m Savion
Glover, tap-dancing on it’s remorseless
I’m who you could not see like Auschwitz, aw sh*t
Softness of my wife life is like a portrait

I went through many valleys to get her

because she’s gorgeous
Mickey nice on purpose
Y’all worthless, more words than psalm verses
Drive ’em to the morgue in car curtains