L.A. Leakers Freestyle #148 - Megan Thee Stallion

L.A. Leakers Freestyle #148Megan Thee Stallion

Quotable Lyrics:
Ass move like water but I’m known to be a solid b*tch
All that f**kin’ hating y’all be doin’, it ain’t stoppin’ sh*t
I don’t need a watch for me to let him know what time it is
You grown now, I ain’t doin’ nothin’ that your mama did
Never gave a f**k like that, I ain’t never broke my hymen, uh

I rock Louis slippers ’cause I’m always out here sliding, ayy
She say I’m a ho because her nigga on my body, uh
Guess I got her mad ’cause a ho like me be shining, ayy
I’m a Texas bitch, I ain’t scared of sh*t, yes, thick girls can take dick
I don’t really f**k with none of y’all, y’all can miss me with that handshake sh*t
F**ked up, like, “What’s up?,” when I walk in, put your cups up

I’m with the ni**a with the big pockets or the bad b*tch with the big butt
Hot girl, I be playin’ dumb because these ni**as be lame-o’s
These ni**as get to poppin’ Percs and want a b*tch to suck on they playdough
42, that weren’t me talkin’, please, stop all that damn stalkin’
These ni**as wanna take shots then fall in love, I was just talking

These b*tches don’t like me but I got to make ’em hate me, uh
How you wanna be me, at the same time wanna shade me? Uh
I be makin’ money on the motherf**kin’ daily, uh
Got my label mad but them ni**as got to pay me, ayy
Who y’all h*es be talking to? Ignore y’all how your father do
Until one of y’all h*es say my name, no, I can’t acknowledge you

Megan Thee Stallion