L.A. Leakers Freestyle #145 - Denzel Curry

L.A. Leakers Freestyle #145Denzel Curry

Quotable Lyrics:
Zel in the slide on the beat, okay
Let a ni**a ride with the heat, okay
I got bars for everybody, feds gon’ call that a RICO case

I don’t give a damn what your ego say, 2018 had a emo phase
I’ma offset the game like a Migo play and a ni**a go ape like I’m Nigo Bape (Wooo)
Rappin’ but is hard to believe it, actin’ like you movin’ bricks
Cappin’, you’se a quadriplegic, ni**a you ain’t movin’ sh*t

Blackened b*tch, we slaughterin’ demons
Thought I wouldn’t use a blick
Had to X these ni**as out, just like a ho I used to hit (Come on)
Ni**as say I’m broke because they haven’t seen my safe yet (Come on)

Freshman of the year and he ain’t even talk to Ye yet (Okay)
Am I the only ni**a that the radio ain’t play yet?
But my checks still unfoldin’ like a Barbie House Playset (Wooo)