Krazy - Rich Homie Quan

KrazyRich Homie Quan

Quotable Lyrics:
Flip flops i just hit a b*tch no condom
I been serving white boy, Adam, no jumper
Circle full of bosses everybody getting money
And we gone get a whole lot more of that this summer
Run it up ’til the money counter get done

Bank money got paper cuts on my thumb
Taking my little boy to school with a gun
Sad that I got to walk around with a gun
Everybody riding around Atlanta with a gun
Shawty been sitting 10 months without a bond

If you want smoke ni**a check on your lungs
Cause I ain’t never ever gave a f**k about nothing
For sh*t to get krazy you’n want for this sh*t to get krazy (Rich Homie)
Sh*t will get krazy, them young ni**as ass gone go krazy (Hey)

All my ni**as they pure, we don’t even walk around saying “we real”
I’m sad that my dawg just died, ’cause somebody gave my boy a fake pill
My young ni**as ain’t got a job but I might hire them boys ’cause they kill (They do)
Percs don’t make me crazy if I take one Rich Homie on chill
I was in the AMG, doing 130, Ion need 7 bullets on me, need thirty

Alot of guns clean but a couple of ’em dirty
All my young ni**as about to start purging
Shoulder strap on the choppa so it shood sturdy
Young ni**a died another unsolver murder (Damn)
Had to put a rubber on my d*ck ’cause she fertile
Having chicken way before that ni**a Colonel

Blue tip bullets gone burn ya
Stay out my business if the sh*t don’t concern you
The ni**a you call big bro used to be a runner
Ni**a talk slick b*tch ni**a get confronted
And I got some thick sh*t out of Dallas, Texas

B*tch redder than hi-tech (Double cup)
Getting money this sh*t a process (Yeah)
Still doing it for the projects (Quan, ayy)