King Snipe - Gucci Mane, Kodak Black

King SnipeGucci Mane Kodak Black

Quotable Lyrics:
Been sayin’, “Whoopty-woop, whoopty-woop”
I was like, “Bet,” know they was lyin’
When them bullets had came my way, I say, “I bet Kodak ain’t dyin'”
We put murders backwards after, we turned red rum to wine
I’m that ni**a that smack all the smackers so I’m the biggest stepper, five-five

I’m a hot boy, my b*tch the coldest, yeah, opposite attract
You got one time to raise your voice in here, then I’ma get the strap
I’vе been chasin’ that boy like a fly runnin’ house but evеntually, I’ll get him clapped
All I ever had was the trap, I ain’t have me no dad, so I got off my d*ck, yeah, I jacked

I’ve been true to this from the jump (Uh-huh)
When I do it, consider it done (Mm-hmm)
F**k a shooter, b*tch, ’cause I’m one
On point like I’m a dot

I’ll swap me a body for a swap
Put a bag right on his top
I got murder all in my eyes, you see it,
it’s torture in my heart

Beat the pot like it’s beef with the dope
Pop Percs, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke
I’ma leave ‘fore I beat on a ho
I’m a Z but I’m P for sure

I’ve been lowkey, she a swoop
Need Codeine with lil’ boo
And I know she cheatin’ too
But I ain’t finna look for proof