Kilo - Desiigner & Slim Jxmmi

KiloDesiigner & Slim Jxmmi

Quotable Lyrics:
Hundred on my neck, I paid a hundred for my kilo (Kilo)
Bad b*tch wanna f**k, we take a flight to Costa Rico (He)
Me and my amigos takin’ sips on Casamigo (He)
She gon’ bounce it on me, give it to me, she a freak h*e

Get and I flip and I make while the day go
My killers they shootin’, they do what I say so
In love with the gang that do for a payroll
Shoot up a opp, f**k a ni**a halo
I stay with the gang, the gang that made me

Came from the bottom, now we so wavy
Gettin’ that money, I trap on the daily
They never can stop me, I’m goin’ crazy
I just bought me that new app, just to flex it, do it for promo
I’ll be outside, I’m with the gang, I’m with the gang, I’m never dolo
We do the big bands, them ni**as a no show

Shout out my ni**as, they get it for sho, sho
She wanna f**k me, I tell her to go slow
She know that I got it, she know I was goin’ blow
Yeah, my b*tch the realest b*tch, I spend hundreds on my bae
Take her to them mansions, we go to parties in LA

I done bought a newer crib, got a mansion in LA
She got too many spots, she don’t know which one to lay
Heard they didn’t want us to make it, but the city’s ours now
Pullin’ up all this ice on my neck, she know that we the gods now
Pu**y ass hater talkin’ sh*t, that chopper make ’em calm down (Grrraaa)

SRT and track hawks, you know we bring the squad out
Them bands it stay on my neck, I keep them diamonds on like, whoa
Yeah, we goin’ to the top, my ni**as kickin’ through the door (Door)
I can throw a dub in the club, she can make it, drop it low (Low)
I can throw a dub in the club, she can make it, drop it low