Killer - FKA Twigs

KillerFKA Twigs

Quotable Lyrics:
It’s dangerous to be a woman in love
I’m walkin’ quicker, but you’re pickin’ up
Feel like I’m navigatin’ muddy waters
Heal us

My daddy told me call him when I get home
But you can shoot me when I’m all alone
I’m hoping we can find deliverers
Heal us

I don’t wanna die for love
But a holy love
That one and only love
My life is worthy of

Dancin’ in the dark, I can feel it in my heart, you’re a killer
But I didn’t wanna call it
Something in the way you put your hands on my waist pulled me nearer
No, I never wanna call it
Didn’t wanna call it, didn’t wanna call it
Took your love for righteous and now I’m in a crisis with a killer