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Killer – Eminem

Quotable Lyrics: Killer – Eminem

Yeah, it’s crazy, I’m a (Killer)
Made all this money from doin’ this
(D.A. got that dope)

Now count it, five, ten, yeah, fifteen, twenty
Twenty-five, thirty, yeah, get the money
Throw it in the furnace, yeah, this sh*t be funny
Earn it just to burn it, swag drippin’ from me

That’s what I do with money, got money up the ass
Call it toilet paper, yeah, flush with cash
Girl, nice butt, is it up for grabs?
Just wanna touch your ass, is that too much to ask? Yeah
I made a grip, I know it’s tough to grasp, get the bag
Call it potato chips, I stuff in duffel bags
On some public transportation shit, ’cause I will bus’ your ass
F*ck the chain, I’m off the trailer hitch, I got a bunch of swag