Keep Hope - Mozzy Feat. Blxst

Keep Hope – Mozzy Feat. Blxst

Quotable Lyrics: Keep Hope – Mozzy Feat. Blxst

Damn, rest in power to the Blackest Panther
I know how your family feel, my granny died of cancer
Rap ni**as fillin’ blanks to sh*t I never answer
Gotta stand for somethin’ when they hold you at a higher standard
Yeah, and live on camera another Black was slaughtered
And Kobe death hit a lil’ harder, all I had was daughters

ADD got ni**as up and cashin’ out for water
She went from [?] God to OnlyFans, ask about her
Disrespected Obama when they elected Trump
Pray this COVID-19 sh*t won’t be the death of us
You know it’s real ni**as eatin’, the gamе blessin’ us
Chunkin’ big B’s for Breonna, T and the rеst of us…