Kater To Me - Enchanting, Hitkidd

Kater To MeEnchanting, Hitkidd

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m a trapper, a rapper, a bad bih smasher
You still f**kin’ h*es that be sellin’ they plasma
Knocked the hurr out a b*tch, bih done gave her whole ass
Way I bark on a ni**a, them texts ain’t lastin’

Thought they were lookin’ for me, think my opps need glasses
B*tches so mad I get money the fastest (Ooh, ooh)
If it’s a problem, I ain’t movin’ past it
This a widebody ‘Cat, you can hear when I’m passin’ (Skrr, skrr)
They know I’m Big Chant with them big racks,
no, I ain’t doin’ no give back

Tell a h*e, “Get back”, pull it out, click-clack,
if it’s a target, I hit that (Baow, baow)
If I f**k your ni**a, don’t let it be fire,
I promise I’ll give you your dick back (I’ma give your d*ck back)
I just wanna break on his head like a Kit-Kat, no, I ain’t sorry I said that
It’s always a mad ho on my page

B*tches workin’ so hard for that minimum wage
Life’s sweet now, b*tch, I’m still gettin’ paid
I skate any beat, I get on cascade (Skrrt, skrrt)
You can’t listen to me and be still gettin ‘played

I can’t cater to you, this ain’t back in the days (Hell nah)
He tryna wife but I’m stuck in my ways
Just a badass b*tch, havin’ motion for days

He like, “Bae, please tote my Glock”
I’m like, “Count that sh*t, don’t stop” (Okay)
Big girl AP, buss my watch (Yeah)

Ayy, ayy
This ain’t no boat, come drive this yacht (Yacht)
Boy, zip them pants up, I want top
Distrust a ho, but sh*t don’t stop, ayy, ayy