Rock N Roll - Pusha T Feat. Kanye West & Kid Cudi,Just So You Remember - Pusha T,Scrape It OffPusha T Feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Don ToliverProduced by Pharrell

Just So You RememberPusha T

Quotable Lyrics:
As you come out to the light
Can your eyes behold the sight?
It’s only Monday
Tomorrow never comes until it’s too late

Just so you remember who you dealing with
The number don’t change, I know who the chemist is
Brick by brick, we kept open dealerships
Mitch by mitch, we built up our villages
Seein’ you rappers apply for the stimulus

Livin’ a lie, but die for your images
It’s guns involved like cowboys and Indians
You Trackhawk ni**as are not my equivalent
Flew your b*tch to Cuba for the thrill of it
But I ain’t go, to show you what you shoulda did
Tennis chains to hide all my blemishes

My Jokеr smile, you know who the villain is (Hahahahaha!)
Just so you remеmber who you dealin’ with
Look outside, the landscape ridiculous
Motion lights surrounded meticulous
Architectural Digest my premises
She just spent a million on the finishes
Millionaires were made out of middlemen

That hole in the attic was not for a ceiling fan
Army Celine, the wardrobe is militant
And army fatigue when I talk pyramids
Just so you remember who you dealin’ with
The purest snow, we sellin’ white privilege

Designer drugs will turn ni**as limitless
Designer clothes, these h*es losing innocence
The book of blow, just know I’m the Genesis