If Harlem had a king that'd be a no-brainer (Jones said that) Pour the water from the base through an old strainer (Strainer) Start talking 'bout that base, I mean that cocaina (Aye) If I'm drawin' at your face, but I ain't a painter (Shoot that shit up) Just like Picasso, nigga, I could make the picture vivid (You see that?),Just Another Rapper - Dave East & Harry Fraud Produced by Harry Fraud,Uncle Ric - Dave East Feat. Benny The Butcher Produced by Harry Fraud

Just Another RapperDave East & Harry Fraud Produced by Harry Fraud

Quotable Lyrics:
Anything you put up, I can match it (I can match it)
Make a hunnid, take fifty and you stash it (Stash it)
Spend the other fifty on some fashion
Drivin’ in the Bentley like I’m ’bout to crash it (Skrr)