HOT WIND BLOWS - Tyler, The Creator Feat. Lil Wayne,MANIFESTO - Tyler, The Creator Feat. Domo Genesis,JUGGERNAUT - Tyler The Creator

JUGGERNAUTTyler The Creator

Quotable Lyrics:
What it is? It’s that ni**a T, skin look colored in (Woo)
Ridin’ in double-double R, that’s that Cullinan (Yeah)
Pullin’ in that four hundred gram, I just bought a disc (Yeah)
Switzerland, Lake Geneva where I spend my summer in (True story)
Golf le Fleur, that’s Gianno shoe, what I’m runnin’ in
Earlobe look like headlights on a new van (Gangsta Grillz)
I’m so motherf**kin’ dead-ass, I need some Timberlands (Woo)
I battle any man, Uzi Vert, don’t think they understand (Yeah, yeah)