Football Heads - Maxo Kream Feat. Benny The Butcher,GREENER KNOTS - Maxo Kream Produced by Hit-Boy

Jigga & DameMaxo Kream

Quotable Lyrics:
Broke and bummy, down bad, I didn’t have a thing
Got some money, it’s funny how people change
Selling rock with the Glock, I was hitting plays
Like The Rock, you can smell what I’m cooking, mane

Murda block, seven Js in my Michael Js
Sign to Roc, I do years and fly private planes
Me and Jigga talk figures, he give me game
Me and my ni**as split millions like Jigga Dame

I sold yay, like Adidas, it wasn’t easy
Called my chopper Kim K and put ni**as on TV
Used to rob like Kardashian, Blac Chyna
Spent a mil on APs and Balenciagas

I was rich, now I’m richer, bustdown Richard Millie
On my grind for some time, then I made a milly
Can’t go out likе 6ix9ine, I’ma touch a billy
Chased a mil in a week, like I’m Meek in Philly