Jay & Twan 3 - Tee Grizzley

Jay & Twan 3Tee Grizzley

Quotable Lyrics:
Twan walkin’ with his Bloods
A car pull up, he think he trippin’ off them drugs
They rolled the window down and was like, “What up, cuz?
That ni**a that y’all killed at that store, I’m his son”
Twan like, “Don’t call me cuz, boy, I’m Blood Gang brazy”
Before he could finish, lil’ cuz up a Drakey

Glah, glah, bang, left his mans on the pavement
Shots flyin’, Twan hit a fence, he escaped him
Lil’ cuz live on the ‘Gram like, “I’m shakin’ sh*t
Keep your head up, when I blow, that chopper breakin’ sh*t”
He pissed ’cause he gave Jay two hundred K to take the hit
Jay ain’t complete it, Twan caught him out and sprayed the whip

His girl died, don’t nobody know where Jay at
Twan sick his mans got dropped, he couldn’t spray back
He call his other mans like, “I’m slippin’, where my K at?
That lil’ ni**a tried to take my life, I need some payback”
Lil’ cuz playin’ with a check, he out here flexin’