Jay & Twan 2 - Tee Grizzley

Jay & Twan 2Tee Grizzley

Quotable Lyrics:
Lil Jay chillin’, he just got back
Glock 40 and two-hundred K on his lap (Yeah)
The big dawg knocked, no more runnin’ in no traps
He fired off a back, thinkin’ hard like

I come from the way where you don’t live long
Can’t nobody save you, they gon’ do you wrong
My ni**as’ll walk you down, then put it in a song
Got to keep a Glock or two no before I leave home

Damn, snake of the year and the whole ‘hood hear (That’s crazy)
Jay really killed his own brother for a Crip (That’s crazy)
He ain’t even stressin’, blue tips in his clip
As long as that F&N don’t jam, he gon’ live (Got it on)
They all on the internet talkin’ ’bout what he did

Ni**as know where he lay, so, he bought another crib
Caught him away, youngin been flyin’ through them bricks
He low-key missin’ Twan, wishin’ he could see him lit
His phone ring, “Bllrd,” “Hello?”
“Go clutch,” (“What?”) “Twan out that coma, he just woke up” (“What?”)
“Instagram goin’ crazy, he talkin’ so tough”
“What he say?”