Quotable Lyrics:
She blowing up my phone saying it’s over now
She moving like she found somebody else to hold her down
I keep a rolly on my wrist like I don’t know the time
My back is what the f**k they trynna go behind

So I’m sh*tting on these b*tches if they stall on Me
And it ain’t gone take her much to put it all on me
I extend my hands to let you fall on me
But that slick sh*t you be pulling ain’t gone fall with me

No no
On me on me on me
On me on me on me
On me on me on me
I remember when I used to let you put it on me

What is this numbers in your pocket
I remember when you
Used to give me sloppy toppy that’s your nickname
girl cause your tongue game off
The chain and by the way she used to swallow it

Before you last a day inside these shoes you gotta polish em
I could make you wet but I can’t make no promises
40 thousand dollars on my wrist to see what time it is
When you was f**ked up who you called on when you slip up who you fall on?

On me on me on me on me on me
The hatred it’s premeditated and it comes from familiar faces
And I don’t wanna go there but there is where I gotta f**king take it
These ni**as I be sunnin em don’t know where they coming from?

Who the f**k is you not somebody I was running from
A crazy ass lil motherf**ker yea I’m one of em
Real ni**as on yo block I can’t name one of em