It's All On U - Icewear Vezzo Feat. Kodak Black

It’s All On UIcewear Vezzo Feat. Kodak Black

Quotable Lyrics:
Yeah, never let them pu**y ni**as play me
Put that on my baby, Forgi’s on a Maybach truck,
it cost two-eighty

Richer than them ni**as that be hatin’
Shooters like McGrady in Kentucky,
with that fetti goin’ crazy, huh
Stick tucked, I let my chain hang

Rich and gang bang
Leave a fifty in this b*tch to rain in, huh
Bustin’ sh*t, don’t wear no Plain Jane
Hundred-thousand dollar Rollie, Scottsdale,
an AP on the same hand

You with the opps, that mean you ain’t my mans
You movin’ like the cops, can’t take a chance,
thirty-thousand in my pants
Yeah, dog shit in my pockets, where your bands?
Hit the show with thirty hitters

I’m with [Cudi?], he a blick before he land
Cash it all the time, don’t wait for sh*t
Twenty chains, crazy kid
Rich ni**a, I can’t f**k no basic b*tch
You never been no boss, you drankin’ tris

You never been no shooter, you’s a b*tch
Quay Quay with me, he got stick, huh
Pour the Wocky up and drop a six
Icy than a b*tch, put my city on the map,
we in the mix

I been slimin’ sh*t out since a jit
Cuban cost two bricks
We got all them thirsty h*es takin’ pics
You wanna sign me? Yellin’ out three mill’
Tweakin’ in this b*tch, just popped a pill

Gang ‘nem yellin’ out, “Free Kill”
Yeah, f**k a record label, we too real
F**k award shows, we in the field
Shoot that chopper like I’m skilled, ni**a

Icewear Vezzo Feat. Kodak Black