Irresponsible - Kiana Ledé

IrresponsibleKiana Ledé

Quotable Lyrics:
I dove in blind, took a chance on us (Us)
Gave my trust (Trust), so in love (Love)
And it’s difficult for me to open up

You were someone I thought was careful with me
Instead you left me in pieces (Ah-ah-ah)
If this ain’t where you wanted to be
You should’ve at least manned up and just let me be

Oh, so irresponsible
Making me fall, fall head first for you
You let me set my feelings on the loose
Knowing deep down you wouldn’t follow through

Oh, so irresponsible
Taking my heart, splittin’ it in two
You could’ve left mе alone but it’s cool
Baby, there’s somе shit that you just don’t do

Hope you’re proud
But you got blood on your hands (On your hands, on your hands)
The one I relied on (Yeah), counted on (Yeah),
dropped the ball (Yeah), no remorse (Yeah)
Only worry ’bout yourself (Oh, yeah)

Could’ve played someone, you chose me
Of course I feel some way, yeah (Yeah)
And if you weren’t ready, maybe
You should’ve at least stayed your ass out in them streets, you’re