iPad - The Chainsmokers

iPadThe Chainsmokers

Quotable Lyrics:
I go through your iPad looking for
Something that I used to have
Guess I finally lost my mind (Lost my mind)
I wish that I could take my number back
Go back to the place we met
Start this up a second time (A second time)
You’re living in a past life, twenty-five
All your friends are verified
Acting like they’re first in line
I’m looking at your life through cellophane
Hoping things would stay the same
I was always by your side

And isn’t it strange?
How we’re strangers again
Isn’t it strange?
How we’re strangers again

And now we’re strangеrs again
And now we’re strangers again

You wеre just a downtown socialite
Ship I pass on summer nights
Shadow that I can’t define
Turned into a gaslight kerosene
Love that felt like seventeen
Hurt me ’til I feel alive