Involved - Coi Leray

InvolvedCoi Leray

Quotable Lyrics:
Yeah, you might just fall in love
I like it when we touch
You just can’t get enough

Yeah, I just don’t get it, babe
These b*tches in the way
I don’t know why I stay

They just want money and clothes
Can’t fall in love with these hoes
We won’t tell nobody, I promise that no one has to know
Touching on my body, give me head like it’s all involved
Try new ways to f**k you without getting my feelings getting involved

Can’t fuck with a dumb nigga, all that love sh*t [?] wrong with it
Oh wait, I need some more liquor
I promise I never changed

Yeah, I just got more richer, yeah
With my tale with intention, with some days I don’t miss you
I thank god for myself, I swear I’m so grateful

F**k ni**as bad for my health, I don’t pay ’em attention
Broken things in this life, we just can’t fix it