Invite Only - Trench Baby Feat. Polo G & G Herbo

Invite OnlyTrench Baby Feat. Polo G & G Herbo

Quotable Lyrics:
Uh, Dracos, MACs, and nicks, might hop out and blitz,
I’ma wake up the neighbors (Brrah)
Beam on the gun, ain’t no runnin’, you duckin’,
I’m dumpin’, this Glock got a laser (Brrah)

I just might walk in this b*tch with my gun out,
four-five compound, plannin’ on bustin’ (Brrah)
And we got drums like a band, if you play, then we sprayin’,
we scorin’ like Andre Drummond, brrah (Come out)

He tried to reach for my lil’ chain and died
Cap’ hit the back, I’ma come through the side
You would think my ni**as Hot ‘nem ’cause I cannot stop them
We walk down the ride (Brrah)

Pull up and shoot, I’m a dump out a 9
Who the f**k savin’ bullets? I’m dumpin’ a mag’
Put a new beam on the glizzy, it came with a fit (Uh)
He tried to slide through with no mask (Brrah)

It’s Lil’ Cap’ and Trench, who gon’ come after us?
Glock perform and he wrappin’ sh*t up
They gon’ need your height for a coffin, we scorin’ like bosses
You ever start sizin’ him up

New pipes, bodies, and backends, h*es doin’ backbends
We just keep addin’ sh*t up
He like to diss when he rappin’, we catch him lackin’
We just gon’ clap him to dust

Hell nah, I ain’t cappin’ ’bout sh*t, Evergreen where I’m stamped
Why the f**k would I lie to you niggas?
Flow through the ‘Raq in them ‘Burbans
Calis and foreigns, we like to ride with them blickas
We got that call on the E-way, foenem start swervin’

We out in traffic, go get him
It be the ni**as who like sneak dissin’ the hood
They’ll see me and ask for one picture
F**k you mad ’bout, a handout or somethin’?

You don’t like all these bands that I’m thumbin’?
Oh, he probably just mad I ain’t front him
He can’t say that he ran off with nothin’
Seventeen, on the race to a million

Slow grind every day, I was huntin’
Now if I want him dead, they slump him
He got caught with his pants down, runnin’