Nobody Has To Know - Chris Brown Feat. Davido,Inner Peace - Chris Brown Feat. Anderson .Paak,Possessive - Chris Brown Feat. Lil Wayne & Yung Bleu,C.A.B. (Catch A Body) - Chris Brown Feat. Fivio Foreign,Psychic - Chris Brown Feat. Jack Harlow ,Wheels Fall Off - Chris Brown

Inner PeaceChris Brown Feat. Anderson .Paak

Quotable Lyrics:
Come get this inner peace (Sweet dreams)
She pay me no mind, I tell her don’t overthink (Sweet dreams)
I pin her up on the wall, you more like my centerpiece (Sweet dreams)
She tried to kick me some knowledge like she was Dr. King (Oh-oh)

But then she fell asleep (Oh-oh), I guess she had a dream (Sweet dreams)
Shе said this the only way that she catchin’ Z’s (Sweet dreams)
I think this thе only time I don’t hear a speech (Sweet dreams)

She try to pay me no mind, I tell her don’t overthink (Oh-oh)
Come get this inner peace (Oh-oh), come get this—
Sweet dreams

I got big head energy, but I still don’t overthink (Ooh)
She said she don’t need no Xans, I just f**k her right to sleep
She said that she need a line, pull up that ultra beam
Them b*tches don’t pay no mind (No), they don’t bother me

Found out we got chemistry, f**kin’ your anatomy
Picked up like a magazine (Woah, yeah, yeah)
And I’m on another page (Ayy)
Bet you could be the Supremes (Ayy)

Or you could be Dan-80 Kane (Woah)
Used to whip the wheel when the day end (Skrrt)
Now I’m goin’ back to the basics (Back)
Hittin’ out the park, every day shit (Yeah)

I’m just coverin’ all of the basics (Oh)
Don’t let this annihilate things (It ain’t sweet)
Playin’ for your heart, what the stakes is? (Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh)
I’m not tryna make this complicated (No)
I’m goin’ back to the basics