In The UK - NLE Choppa

In The UKNLE Choppa

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m in the UK, no blicky (Muad)
But the knife on me if sh*t get sticky, yeah (Brr)
Still slide if it’s risky
Put the d*ck on the Glock, leave him pissy (Brr)
Cut to the face, buck fifty

One to the neck, give lil’ bruv hickeys (Brr)
Run away, do him like Ricky (Come here)
Run sh*t down (Come here), better run away quickly (Brr)
Tap in when I’m in your city
I’m a top boy, tell ’em get up with me, yeah (Get up with me)
Anywhere, any day, ¡ándale!

I’ma have mе about a few killers with me, yеah (A few killers with me)
Spin on the block, get dizzy
Spin on my block then you must be silly (Must be stupid)
Spin the block ’til we leave him drippin’
Even overseas, I’m Grape Street crippin’ (Ooh-woo)

You know your man’s not hot
How you gon’ run from a dot-dot-dot? (Brr-brr-brr)
Spin the block at three o’clock (At three)
I’ma link him until he drop (Until he drop)

No opp can get no love
He’s not my kind, he’s not my bruv (Not my bruv)
High as a kite, never sober
Back up, back up ‘fore you get poked up (Poked up)