In the Air Where It's Fair - E-40 Feat. Cousin Fik

In the Air Where It’s FairE-40 Feat. Cousin Fik

Quotable Lyrics:
Put it up in the air where it’s fair, b*tch
I’m tryna get ni**a-rich in this b*tch,
act like you f**kin’ with this (Huh)
Welcome to the land of the triflin’,

the truth or dare where it’s snakes like Medusa hair
Far as life expectancy, they don’t care (Huh)
Money mackin’ and makin’ it happen is all that I’m focused upon
Take the bass out your voice, b*tch, you bеtter lower your tone
Anothеr like the other one, tryna impress a bitch

‘Cause I’m out here beatin’ they ass
without the belt buckle or switch (Switch)
And jealousy come from suckers that’s hella lazy, I can’t respect it
Ain’t got no hustle in they bones, in they DNA or genetics
I said what I said when I said it, I’m out here livin’ the dream

You gotta stand for somethin’ or you gon’ fall for anything
Look at my watch and ring, crown me like a root canal
Motherf**ker, I’m a king, turnin’ heads like an owl
Gotta protect your brand and name,

get your money, mayne, f**k the fame
Stay in your lane, if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it,
get your change (Get your change)