In my lifetime - Logic Feat. Action Bronson,Orville - Logic Feat. LIKE, Blu, Exile

In my lifetimeLogic Feat. Action Bronson

Quotable Lyrics:
Ayo, I got game, plenty
Talk sh*t, reload the semi
Mafia sh*t with Juicy J, sippin’ Henny

I got Mastro money, boy, your pockets on Denny’s
I hit the beat machine, get cream for the whole team
Supply the fiends, dollar bills by any means

Average person be committed if they’ve seen the sh*t I’ve seen
It’s like my life was written through a murder scenе
Even in my early teens

I saw a guy on the cornеr gettin’ high
When a stray bullet from a drive-by blew his brains through his right eye
Some people cautious, but I’m Cassius (Yes)

Motherf**k who rhyme the fastest (Woo)
I made it through the light despite how dark my past is, what?