In Love With A Mermaid - DDG

In Love With A MermaidDDG

Quotable Lyrics:
I fell in love wit’ ya from the start
You know you amazing, you a star
I fell in love with you because of you are
Was lookin’ like a fool, but you saved me from the dark
Them VVS’ cool, should’ve bought yo’ ass a car

Uh, classy, huh, you nasty
Way you walkin’, I can’t wait, get in the backseat
If you want it, I’ma pay, don’t got to ask me
Bae, I’m comin’, see my face, want you to grab me

Come grab me, don’t backstab me
Tell your ex he need to chill, ‘fore he get his ass beat
I’ma love you from Thursday to Thursday
Not a human, I’m in love with a mermaid

Private island in Maldives
This is not a honeymoon, but, we act like it is
Opinions keep on comin’ through, they all up in out bizz’
I have a lot of fun with you, can’t wait ’til wе have kids

Fall asleep, I’m on the phone with you, likе back when we was kids
F**k what people talkin’ ’bout, ’cause you know what it is
I don’t know who you was f**kin’ with, but, bae, that ni**a mid
Met you in the ocean, but, we lovin’ on the land