In Disguise - Aitch Feat. Bakar

In DisguiseAitch Feat. Bakar

Quotable Lyrics:
She says she don’t ever see me, only on the camera
And that just makes her anxious, I’m not surprised

She said she don’t wanna be on T.V., but, I’m handsome
Let me be your Casper, I’m in disguise

Yeah, face so f**kin’ fine
It’s bait, I’m lookin’ twice (Woo)
Shame you’re not lookin’ mine
But, they do say love is blind

Fame gets put aside
I take my aim, you duck and dive
Yeah, any place, I’m up inside
Just ain’t the same, it’s nothin’ right, yeah
Know you like the finer things

Every night, step in designer skins
All you need is a diamond ring
But, if you don’t reply, I can’t buy you things (Ah)
Board the plane, we fly Havana

Cut the chase, let’s find the matter
You say you don’t like the camera
Love the way you lie, Rihanna (Woo)