Impalas & Hydraulics - Reason Feat. The Game

Impalas & HydraulicsReason Feat. The Game

Quotable Lyrics:
Ni**a, this sh*t feel like pistols poppin’
Dippin’, ridin’, Diddy talkin’, G.O.A.T. sh*t
Slidin’ in the G-Wagen through Philly on some more sh*t
We always kept it one hunnid, some Franklins in my coat, yeah

Hopeless, REASON, talk to ’em, gangstas know they gon’ walk to it, look
The best rhymin’ was raised to expect violence
The gang and the set ridin’, pull up in the ‘Vette, slidin’

Like dick in some wet pu**y, don’t think I’m a vet? Push me
Empire building like Lucius, I’m gettin’ neck from a Cookie, oh yeah
Oh yeah, my ni**as pull up slidin’ with some shottas

Oh yeah, old West, this Impalas and hydraulics
Oh yeah, West sh*t, Dickies and Chucks tyin’
Appetite for the streets ’cause ni**as is fed buyin’

Flashy with the drip, stay dangerous, move silent
‘Cause ni**as livin’ loud is soon to be dead quiet
Sh*t, know my worth, give me twenty for those shows
Paid a penny for my thots, don’t give a penny to these h*es, ni**a

Okay, pull up with my riders, ni**a
Okay, Dickies and hydraulics, ni**a
Okay, in [?], throwin’ dollars, ni**a
Okay, fitted L-A Dodgers, ni**a

Okay, vatos be my partners, ni**a
Okay, disrespect, they slidin’, ni**a
Okay, flag hangin’ since a toddler, ni**a
Okay, rest in peace to ‘Pac, my ni**a ([?])