I'm So Awesome - Kodak Black

I’m So AwesomeKodak Black

Quotable Lyrics:
Uh, hopped out to spray, then I hopped in the Wraith
Yeah, I’m havin’ fun today
Step on these ni**as and Dave and I play
Yeah, that’s what my mama say
Get you some money, you stay here, you payed

You can’t be sittin’ in my mansion all day
I go to prison, I’m havin’ my way
Go to Morocco and f**k on a fine h*e’, I’m so, I’m so awesome
Think how she fine and she gon’ get designer
No, b*tch, you’ll drop somethin’

Jay my dawg, you know, he been my Whitney
F**k with him low and he known me since Peewee
Remember them times I was f**kin’ on Fifi
Yeah, uh, thanks for them letters, real nice, you get CC

All of my b*tches be yellow, like Beezy
Flex on these ni**as, I make it look easy
I’m draggin’ my nuts, they be all on my Fiji
Drippin’ on these b*tches, they eatin’ my spit up

Ran out of gas, I’ma need me a fill up
She say I rate the b*tch, no, but I bet her
I got too much money, ain’t doin’ no sit-up
Hopped out to spray, then I hopped in my bag

Yeah, I’m in my Birkin
Shoutout to Gucci, I think that’s my dad
Yeah, I was just jerkin’

I hit the woah ’cause I like that lil’ dance
I be on go, you gon’ live where you stand
Pull out the Ghost, I’m too rich for a band
Mmm, yeah