I'm Back - Lil Pump

I’m BackLil Pump

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m back (Ooh), my whip got a whole lot of straps (Woah, yeah, yeah)
McLaren (Brr), two-hundred, I’m hittin’ the dash (Yeah), woah
Gettin’ my d*ck sucked on the freeway, I might crash (Damn)
Lamborghini Urus with red seats, it got no tags (Woah)

Sippin’ on drank and I pop pills, got bad habits, okay (Uh)
I’m the same ni**a got your daughter on Xanax (Hoo), huh?
Look at my Patek, spe-spent a lot of money on jewelry and fashion (Yeah-yeah)
B*tch, what’s crackin’? (What?)
You don’t-You don’t want smoke, boy, send me the addy

B*tches on my d*ck ’cause I look like Paris Hilton (Paris)
I’m worth a lot of millions, but I will shoot a civilian (Damn)
I don’t got no feelings (Naw), Glock with an extension (Pop-pop-pop)
Five-hundred K for the Rolls truck and the engine (Let’s go)

I’m the first one with the stars in a Lamb truck (Uh-huh?)
Your Rolls truck got no kit, how the f**k you gon’ act up? (How?)
If the beat is whack, the producer gets smacked up
If I wake up and there’s no drugs, then I’m throwin’ a tantrum (Why?)