I'm Back - Fredo

I’m BackFredo

Quotable Lyrics:
It’s a lot of murders in my city, talkin’ eye for eye, die for die
Girls tryna lie, they’re running ’round out here from guy to guy
I tried, but it’s clear that me and you, we can’t see eye to eye
When all that you can really see is stuff that you feel I should buy
Yo, why should I?

One shooter with me, they say, “Less is more”
But he will crash off, rest assured, I think it’s best he gets insured
Them boys are insecure, say my name in songs to get in the door
Why you think thеy’re mad? We’re thе ones that win the war
Step your game up or you can’t step to Fred
I spend, but I invest the bread

So the new Rolex got more baguettes than Greggs
They say I’m clean and how I dress the best
But every time we pull up on them scenes, always left a mess
SMS and I don’t take no disrespect except for when it’s the net