Illegal - Headie One

IllegalHeadie One

Quotable Lyrics:
They said I’m legal handlin’ shit illegal (Turn)
It was a .9 on the press, it was comin’ up flat, lookin’ like a P2 (Turn)
My young boys been in and out the city (Turn, turn)
Flyin’ out AMGs like GeeYou (Turn, turn, HL8)

Me, I’m just lookin’ at this top floor penthouse
Wrist so wet, it’s lookin’ like a sea view (Suh, suh, suh, suh)
One hundred days in the bando, couldn’t get a WiFi, couldn’t get a Freeview

Freeview, déjà vu on the rex, I was tryna make a lot like William Regal
Regal, come a long way from Eagle, it was induction, I was on default
Uh, it’s still PTSD when I hear that nina

I can’t bеlieve I could’ve afford thе coronavirus kilo (Can’t believe)
Opp boys can’t put their hands on D2
A thousand bine, I spend this whole recoup
I was banned at front, do a lot,
somethin’ got filled up with shells like seafood (Real talk)

Then dropped like a preview, how all now still buyin’ out waps?
Bought more stars than a GoGo-review (Gang)
Can’t believe I gotta scream “Free Clap”,
he was live on cam, tryna bun some beetroot (Free up bro)
Have you ever been brass?

Had the conure 4’s all white like the Beatles
Them man is like Steve Bruce
It’s been five years since I got recalled and still I ain’t sleepin’ peaceful
Yo, I seen man on a wing smokin’ mamba (Throwback)
I just had to come home and get my wrist rose like Amber

Probation act like the boys on map
A long time, I ain’t shanked somebody on camera (Turn, turn)
I see niggas tryna rap and in the same breath said they ain’t no rapper