If I Get Caught - DVSN

If I Get CaughtDVSN

Quotable Lyrics:
You wouldn’t want me if you thought I never had hoes
Women like men other women like
That’s just something that every one know

Don’t forget I was a fly ni**a when you got here (Yeah)
Charismatic when you got here (Uh, yeah)
You knew about me when you got here
Now you’re trippin’, girl, it’s not fair

And you got my phone in your hands
Questions? Not again
Why do we do this this?
When really, the truth is

If I get caught cheating, that don’t mean I don’t lovе you
F**kin’ them girls, I was gon’—, I was gon’— (Say it again)
If I get caught cheating (Chеating), that don’t mean I don’t love you
F**kin’ them girls, I was gon—’
I know, I know you won’t ain’t gon’ let one little f**k (One little f**k)

Mess all this up (Mess all this up)
Don’t let one mistake (One mistake)
Take all this away (Take all this away)

Don’t let one little f**k (If they know now)
Mess all this up (An affair, yeah)
Don’t let one mistake
Take all this away (Get right back)