IDK - Don Q


Quotable Lyrics:
Nah ni**a, I don’t know
I don’t know who got you
I don’t know who touched you and I don’t know who shot you
I don’t know who rushed you
I don’t know who robbed you
You think I know cause you know how my squad be

Ni**as dropping all these songs and they pretending to be hard
If that was us that sent the hit you woulda been in the stars
I used to like you so I’m happy they ain’t finish the job
But you must got a death wish, you tryna mention the squad
Got shot, now he saying names all over your rap

Pu**y boy I could imagine what you told the detectives
Got up out the hospital and now you overaggressive
Cause they almost sent you to your maker over your necklacе
Just admit you got caught slippin, it happens to the best of us
Not еven worth killing cause you was never a threat to us

Just another A Boogie stan that was obsessed with us
You never liked the fact that people called you a replica
Now you think you 50 for clout
He took 9, you took 7, two more will help him figure it out
How much Highbridge d*ck is gon fit in your mouth?
He just wanted our attention, that’s what this really about

But see I’m happy you alive
I’m glad that you survived
It’s too many young black successful rappers that done died
But you keep chattin bout the guys and we ain’t mention you once
But keep on cappin for the blogs and you gon get what you want

Fifth in the pump
Bet this sinner resemble a skunk
Pool party we leave em wet and put ni**as in trunks
Go tell his child he a lame, guess he need someone to blame
Run up and think it’s a game, Ima lift it and dump