Iced Tea - Joyce Wrice Produced by Kaytranada

Iced TeaJoyce Wrice Produced by Kaytranada

Quotable Lyrics:
Keep it on the low, ’cause I’m better on my own
So you could go sit your ass over there (Yeah)
Caught up in my flow, something that you’ll never know
Don’t need nobody to care

Feel good when you’re living like me (Oh-oh)
Can’t f**k with a woman like me (Oh-oh)
Lemon slice in your sugar iced tea (Oh-oh-oh-oh)
Feels good when you’re living carefree (Carefree, carefree, care

I just wanna let go (Let go)
I’m solo (Solo)
Speaking on my M.O
What they don’t know (What they don’t know)
Know you see the skin glow (You see my skin glow)
Sweet like coco (Coco)
Keep up with my tempo
While I let go (While I let go)