I Wish you Roses - Kali Uchis

I Wish you RosesKali Uchis

Quotable Lyrics:
Ooh, never thought I would be without you
I wissh you love, I wish you well
I wissh you roses while you can still smell ’em
With pretty flowers can come the bee sting

(Ooh, never thought I would be without you)
But I wish you love, I wish you well
I wish you roses while you can still smell ’em

I was a rose in a garden of weeds
My petals are soft and silky as my sheets
So do not be afraid to get pricked by the thorns
While I’m here, I’m someone to honor
When I’m gone, I’m someone to mourn

But if you and my heart should someday drift apart
I’ll make surе to give you these blеssings
because they’re all I’ve got
My love’s deep as the ocean, don’t you drown on me
Just know, any love I gave you’s forever yours to keep