Post Malone - I Like You (A Happier Song) w. Doja Cat

I Like You (A Happier Song)Post Malone Feat. Doja Cat

Quotable Lyrics:
Ooh, girl, I like you, I do
I wanna be your friend, go shoppin’ in a Benz
I like you, I do
I’ll hit you when I land, can you fit me in your plans?
I like you, I do
We went to bed in France, then we woke up in Japan
I like you, I do (I do, mm)

Oh, girl, I know you only like it fancy (Fancy)
So, I pull up in that Maybach Candy
Yeah, your boyfriend’ll never understand me (Understand)
‘Cause I’m ’bout to pull his girl like a hammy, hammy (Wow)
Let’s take a lil’ dip, lil’ lady, hit PCH, 180
Hey, I’ve been thinkin’ lately

That I need someone to save me
Now that I’m famous, I got h*es all around me
But I need a good girl, I need someone to ground me
So, please bе true, don’t f**k around with me
I need someonе to share this heart with me
Fill you up, then run it back again (Run it back again)