I Just Called - NEIKED Feat. Anne-Marie & Latto

I Just CalledNEIKED Feat. Anne-Marie & Latto

Quotable Lyrics:
Now I’m gettin’ really brave, I had a few shots
I would say it to your face, but I just can’t no more
‘Cause you moved so far away, just like a few blocks
Picket fence and perfect girl, even a ring on your door

You’d see me coming, coming, coming from a mile away
I’ve got something, something, something that I’m dying to say
Yeah, I’m doing pretty great, just thought you should know (Yeah)
No thanks to you, though

I just called (Yeah)
To say (Yeah)
I hate you (Huh)
I just called (Yeah)
To say that I moved on (Yeah)

I just called (Yeah)
To say (Yeah)
This the last you’ll be hearin’ from me
‘Cause now your mailbox full
I can’t call you no more (Big Latto, no-no, no-no, no-no, oh yeah)