I Feel Funny - Justin Bieber

I Feel FunnyJustin Bieber

Quotable Lyrics:
(Ooh, so)
This sh*t dicey (Ooh, so dicey)
You entice me (Yeah)
What’s your sign? (What’s your sign?)
I’m a Pisces (I’m a Pisces)
Please, don’t spite me (Please, don’t spite me)
Please, no fighting (Please, no fighting, uh)
I don’t got energy (No, no)

Please, just hype me (Please, just hype me)
Bills on bills (Bills on bills)
I want to make them (I want to make them)
All these hearts (Hearts, hearts)
I used to break them (I usеd to break ’em)
But I’ve sеttle down (I settled down)
Yeah, I found the pocket (I found a pocket)
I hold the game (I hold the game)
And I won’t drop it (I won’t)