I Don't Talk - NBA Youngboy

I Don’t TalkNBA Youngboy

Quotable Lyrics:
I don’t talk to my girlfriends, and my girlfriends don’t talk to me
Rap game with a bad name, a platinum album, and a North degree
F**k what happened, you a woman, you don’t speak, oh, nah, nah
Promote the hood, I think they wanna hear from me, oh, nah, nah

Get too close, get smoked like purple, b*tch, this that murder sh*t
YoungBoy pull up, that’s when murder hit, know they heard of this
Kaylyn and a Birkin bag even though the b*tch still do me bad
Slippin’, poppa house big, my baby mama, I was on my ass

They talk down on my name, on my face, they brought shame
Blackballed me from up out the game, b*tch, strippеd me out the fame
I ain’t gеt a thing but a laugh when I told my pain
“Oh, that’s hilarious stuff”

Do dirty work with illegal guns, that’s what I was in the parish for
Make sure that my children travel, I ain’t happy how they perished us
Crime inside the same hood with no options, but they cherised us
Can’t be out here flippin’ patties, what make you think them h*es gon’ f**k with us?
What the f**k you think so hilarious? Through my whole career, been doped up

Playin’ limbo with that gang fi’
Mama say I was her worst child
Daddy lost his soul inside a trial, that’s fifty-five, one long ride
Tell Mike Caren and thank him for that phone call, I’m on now
If that’s my girl, I ain’t f**kin’ on her friend inside my home, uh

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