I Don't Hit It With The Fork - Kevin Gates

I Don’t Hit It With The ForkKevin Gates

Quotable Lyrics:
I’m droppin’ the raw in her jaw
Watchin’ it melt to the [?]
Same water from the bowl
Bustin’ the [?] the [?]
Eatin’ crap on the package

Get it in, get it off (Doo)
Breadwinner, I’m a don
Slum Lord in the slums
Grab the towel, put the towel down
Fingertip the Pyrex

Hmm, I’ma lift it with my palm
In the kitchen, I perform
I’m receivin’ in the blogs
Trap girl lookin’ on the stove cookin’
She think it’s cute when I wiggle my arms (Ayy)

General stitched in the d*ck in my shorts
Takin’ my liquor, I don’t know how to talk (I talk)
Nothing like them, I don’t know what you saw
Hmm, I don’t hit it with the fork

Excuse me, I’m lit, I’m collectin’ my thoughts
I’m pressure and please don’t expect me to call
Shawty bend over, she makin’ it arch
I’m deep in her stomach, I’m makin’ it fart

Supplyin’ that lumber, she told me she love me
I go get the money, I don’t get involved
Sluttie, she thuggin’ with me and my dawgs
She loyal, so she ’bout to get it, on God
Pop Smoke with it, real dope dealer

Know that if I give a call, then it’s war
Bricks and the heroine, makin’ ’em knaw
Deliverin’ the issue, this [?] is far
I was hoppin’ the booker [?]
Hit with the [?]

Kevin Gates