I Be - Key Glock

I BeKey Glock

Quotable Lyrics: 
But I could nеver chase a b*tch though (Uh-uh)
And I could never give a ni**a too much info (Yeah)
You gamblin’ with your life, stop playin’, what they hittin’ for? (What’s up?)
I’m still hittin’ licks, ni**a, just hit one not too long ago (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

I just hit this ni**a b*tch and I just hit somebody ho
I take this stick up off my hip and then your brains is on the floor
I take this stick up off my hip and turn your ass into a ghost
I’m finna cop that double R Dawn ’cause I don’t believe in ghosts, no

And Lord knows these ni**as hatin’
Yeah, and I don’t f**k with pigs, but keep a pocket full of bacon (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I just keep on buyin’ whips, they like, “Young ni**a, you’s crazy” (Let’s go)
I be gettin’ that sh*t and flippin’ that sh*t and spendin’ that sh*t and stackin’
that sh*t, then savin’ it (Ayy)

Key Glock