I Ain't Hold Ya - DJ Drama & Jeezy

I Ain’t Hold YaDJ Drama & Jeezy

Quotable Lyrics:
I ain’t gon’ hold ya, feel like I got the world on my shoulders
Remind me of weighin’ up them boulders
Catch me in all white Benz, chillin’ at the red light
Top down and that muthaf**ka gorgeous

What about that Royal Oak AP with the black face
Yeah, that muthaf**ka blacker than some Folgers
You rollin’ with a real one

Them b*tches really love me out here
like they love Soulja Slim in the Nola
I ain’t gon’ hold ya
Yeah, ya boy a little bipolar, half general, half soldier
Yeah, I got a hand full of hair while I hit it from the back
While a real ni**a blowin’ on some doja (Let’s Go)
Then I’m gon’ fold her

When I get done, I’ma mold her
Same time keepin’ my composure
If she keep makin’ them faces, keep talkin’ to me right
In the mornin’, I’ma roll her back over
Play times over

Came to give you muthaf**kas closure
Real ni**as only, no posers
If you really got it out the mud like the Rollie on your wrist
Knock that muthaf**kin’ dirt up off ya shoulders
I ain’t gon’ hold ya

Ni**a really got it with the soda
Really hit them ni**as in the motor
Yeah, a ni**a really made them deals on the first and the third
‘Cause a ni**a really tryna hit his quota
What you know about that odor?

Yeah, a ni**a came from the corner
Now I’m legal like Tony Motola (Get ’em Snow)
Yeah, I really came through the hood in that all white Lamb’
And the first one to do it like Soulja
I ain’t gon’ hold ya

DJ Drama & Jeezy