Hustler's Anthem V2 - Rob49 Feat. Kevin Gates & Birdman

Hustler’s Anthem V2Rob49 Feat. Kevin Gates & Birdman

Quotable Lyrics:
’84, ’94, ’20, two type sh*t (Yeah)
Out of line, you get your f**kin’ top topped
Ain’t playin’ no games, you pu**ies
Ayo, this on you, blood

Hold this sh*t down, blood
You understand me?
Cash Money, Rich Gang wave, ni**a

Yeah crazy, yeah, hustler, thats me
Muscle, what you think?
Pu**y, play your lick
I just dropped the lo, I miss my wo

Drug dealers sellin’ coke and dope
I put ni**as b*tches on go
Everywhere I go, I’m like the pope
I was shooting dice by the stove (Okay)
I say this ni**a lifeless as it go